What is a Strumpet? How’d you choose that name?
We like the saucy, timeless quality of the word ‘strumpet’; it comes from Middle English and dates from the 14th century. What does it mean? Nowadays, it’s a bit of a jokey term for a loose woman - sort of like ‘slapper’ in the UK, or ‘minx’ in the US. But most people just think we like jazz. The air of harlotry around it handily links this publication with its venerable foremother, Whores of Mensa.

What’s your story?
For the full history of The Strumpet, check out our ABOUT page. In terms of what we do from issue to issue, we’re doing our best to bring our favorite lady cartoonists from the US and UK together. The editorial team of The Strumpet is comprised of Ellen Lindner, a New York-based cartoonist, illustrator and writer, and Kripa Joshi, a Nepali-born illustrator and educator who lives in the lush leafy suburbs of old London town.

We also owe a lot to our founding do-editor, Jeremy Day, a lady Oxfordian who's a major force on the UK small press comix scene.

It’s the 21st century. What’s the point of an all-women comic?
Good question! We still feel that there’s a bit of a lag between the number of women we know who are doing comics (a lot) and those who are getting published (not always a lot). We that the existence of more avenues for ladies to publish their comics can only be a good thing. Plus, it’s a very necessary constraint - if we tried to publish all of our favorite cartoonists, The Strumpet would be a 300 page book. We’d have to rename it The Glutton.

It’s con season! Where will you guys be selling The Strumpet next?
Check out our blog for all of the latest news on where we will be next, when the next issue is coming out, and similar goodies!

I live in the USA - how can I get a copy?
Check out our Etsy, or one of our stockists: Bergen Street Comics in New York is a very good place to look.

How about the UK?
Visit the ink+PAPER online store - or grab a copy at Gosh!, or Orbital. The staff at both shops are nice people, and great supporters of The Strumpet.

I live somewhere else! Help!
You, my friend, need to pay attention to our Kickstarter campaigns. Before each issue of The Strumpet drops (plops?) we open a Kickstarter for pre-orders, and we ship all over the world. Kickstarter helps us get the kind of global distribution that most small press comics struggle to achieve. We’re working on getting wider distribution as we type this - but in the meantime, check out our blog and Facebook page for updates.

I like what you guys do - do you take submissions?
Definitely. Leaving a comment on the blog with your website, blog or Tumblr is a great place to start. We can't promise a response - we work at regular jobs and do as much freelance work as we can get our hands on when we're not Strumpetting. But we will do our best. Email us directly at strumpetcomic attt gmail dawt calm if you have an idea you think The Strumpet might take a shine to. (We also accept general comment on past issues! In other words, fan mail please :) )

Who are your favorite cartoonists?
The list is long...Megan Kelso, Mardou, Jason Little, Lucie Durbiano, James Jean, Dan Clowes, Gabrielle Bell, Lisa Hanawalt, Jessica Abel, Sara Varon, Nell Brinkley, Posy Simmonds, Sarah McIntyre, Audrey Niffenegger, the lost cartoonists of Girl Magazine, T. Edward Bak, Zack Soto, Hannah Berry, Riyoko Ikeda, Barnaby Richards, Julia Wertz, Moyoco Anno, David Lasky, Badaude...help, we're running out of internet!